Building an In-house Marketing Team? Here are Our Top Five Traits to Look for When Assembling.



Putting together an in-house marketing team is a lot like assembling the Avengers. Each team member has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, special skill sets, and personalities, but in the end, they come together to make one unbeatable team.

Okay, maybe they won’t save the world, but they’ll probably save you time and money, if you gather the right group.

Wondering what traits make the best in-house marketing squad? We’ve put together a short list to help you build your go-to team.


1. They know their industry inside and out, and they’re adaptable.

Knowledge and experience matter when it comes to building your team. You want to make sure that whoever you’re bringing on has the industry know-how to get the job done. Staying up to date on the latest trends, algorithms, design techniques, platforms, CRMs, processes, and more, is key. In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it’s vital you look for flexible content creators who can adapt as needed. If a team member knows their industry inside and out, they’ll be a great asset to your business. Chances are they will require less training and have more insights.


Overhead image of a worker using a drawing tablet, keyboard, and desktop computer.


2. They’re creative.

Pretty obvious, right? What’s a team of content creators and marketers without innovation? Thinking out-of-the-box and taking risks with designs and ideas will help your business stand out. With an in-house team, you’re going to need digital creatives to support your brand and effectively market it to others.


3. But they’re also data driven.

Think balance. Sure, you need creatives. You also need someone who can look at the metrics and make recommendations. Welcoming a team member that is both creative and analytical will help your business define objectives and remain grounded in your goals. While you need your team to write, design, and manage, you also need them to assess what’s working and what isn’t, to get the highest return on investment.


Image of a team project planning on a glass wall using sticky notes.


4. They’re great communicators and collaborators.

Marketing and communications go hand in hand, which is why it’s so important for your marketers to have good communications skills. They might find themselves working with freelancers, agencies, contractors, or with other departments within your business. It will be essential for your team to develop the listening and communications skills necessary to effectively work with various stakeholders, internally and externally.


5. They can manage their time and projects efficiently.

Good project management skills are important for every effective team. While they might not feel as much pressure as an outside agency, having a team that can properly track its time and progress while keeping on top of projects ensures that things run smoothly. Marketing teams juggle a lot of tasks day-to-day, sometimes wearing many different hats, so it’s critical to keep everything organized.


Well, that’s our top five traits. We hope this list helps with assembling your own all-star digital marketing team!

Don’t have one assembled and need some help? Our team of expert designers and digital creatives are ready to assist!

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