Are Promo Items Worth It? Totally. Here Are Our Top 3 Reasons Why.

By Katie Miller


Are Promo Items Worth It? Totally. Here Are Our Top 3 Reasons Why.

Ah, the age-old question. To promo, or not to promo? 

When you’re on a tight budget, it might seem like spending a little extra on promo items isn’t a good idea. But their potential ROI might be more than enough to sway you to consider this tried-and-true marketing strategy.


What’s the deal with promotional items? 

Chances are, you’ve probably received dozens of promo items throughout your life – T-shirts, pens (most popular), mugs, calendars, bracelets, and more. 

Unlike digital advertising which typically sits in front of eyeballs for just a few seconds, promo items have the potential to sit in front of eyeballs for years! 

Okay, so not every promo item will have that type of longevity, but most do. 

One high-quality apron (see below for one we made) could be seen by new dinner guests four Thanksgivings from now! 



To put it simply, they give you a lot of impressions for a relatively low cost and last much longer. That sounds worth it, right?


They’re more valuable than you might think.

According to the Advertising Specialties Impressions Study (ASI) and the American Marketing Association, promo items rake in the highest number of views for U.S. consumers, beating out other advertising strategies.



If you’re still on the fence, here are our top 3 reasons why they’re worth the spend:


  1. You’ll build brand awareness. 

Every time you hand out a free pen or tote bag, you’re building your brand awareness. If you’re looking to get your name out there, promo items are a great way to do it! They might even help you edge out your competitors. 


  1. You’re more likely to get something if you give something.

Your followers won’t want to give you their information for free. But it turns out people are willing to give if it means getting something in return, like a giveaway with free mugs or shirts! 


  1. You’ll make your followers and your supporters feel good. 

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Not only will promo items build loyalty with employees, it’ll leave your followers and supporters feeling good too.



In our opinion, promo items are a win-win for your organization or small business! 


Need help creating promo items? We’ve got you covered.

We can assist you with sourcing, getting price quotes, designing, and printing for all your organization’s promo item needs. From aprons to T-shirts, and mugs to bumper stickers, our expert designers will work with your budget to help you create the most eye-catching freebies to make your business stand out.

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