Wells Textiles

The Client

Wells Textiles specializes in luxury, handcrafted fabrics rooted in old-world techniques and artisanal methods.

They reached out to Padron & Co. for a social media audit, aiming to improve their following and engagement. 

The problem

Wells Textiles operated separate social media accounts for each one of their brands. It was difficult to keep up with multiple accounts and felt disjointed.

Too much text was used over their images. This contributed to poor contrast and readability. It  hid what should be the focus — their beautiful photography. 


Text boxes covered up the beautiful fabrics.


Poor contrast — hard to read with the fabric pattern underneath.


Use carousels to display photography first and foremost.

Based on research and the client’s post history, we found that photography of the fabric in use resulted in the most engagement.


When no photography is available, create 3D mockups to show off the fabric.

This solution is economical and practical compared to making and photographing new furniture.


Merge disjointed accounts under one cohesive name.

This will become increasingly important as more brands are added to Wells Textiles’ portfolio.


Ensure continued success by providing guidelines, instructions, and Canva templates.

This allows the Wells Textiles team to make their own Instagram posts and stories in the style established by our social media audit.

The Results

June 2021

Social Media Followers

January 2022

Social Media Followers
Organic Increase in Followers
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