Society for the Performing Arts

The Client

Since 1966, the Society for the Performing Arts has brought unique and memorable artists, speakers, musicians, and more to Jones Hall.
Society for the Performing Arts is the largest nonprofit presenting organization of its kind in the Southwest, bringing internationally acclaimed artists from the entire performing arts spectrum to Houston for a full season of events.

The Task

Based on their existing web design, we needed to develop a language of graphic elements that would unify the SPA’s season across print and digital media. The task was to use show-specific brand guidelines to design display ads.


Diverse Google display ads that can be used in a variety of sizes.

Even though the image and style stay consistent, each ad must be resized and re-designed for each dimension.


Created to be used on a variety of platforms.

Display ads will work on any device—anywhere you browse the internet or on social media—so that your advertisements will reach the widest audience.

Ads through the years

Since 2018, we have been creating advertisements for the Society of the Performing Arts that have incited viewers to attended SPA’s vast array of performances.

JUN 2019


OCT 2019

Stranger in a Strange Land

JAN 2020

The Color Purple

JAN 2020


FEB 2020

Peking Acrobats

The Results

By finding a graphic design team they could trust, the SPA was able to refocus their internal marketing team towards public relations and ticket sales and have ads displayed that really showcased the beautify of their performances.

Additional Work

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