The Art of Capital Campaign Design

Easel with brushes and palette, symbolizing the art of capital campaign strategies.


Ah, the capital campaign. When done right, this type of endeavor stands to bring in life-changing money for your organization.

But what makes a successful capital campaign? A critical component is your marketing strategy, which needs to include powerful storytelling, clean and easy-to-navigate landing pages where donors can give, and a convincing call to action.

In this post, we’d like to walk you through some of the capital campaigns we’ve worked on to illustrate the power of a good digital marketing strategy, while highlighting the benefits of working with a full-service agency (that’s us!)


Glenwood Cemetery

150th Anniversary

Mockup of Glenwood Cemetery 150th Anniversary capital campaign folder, highlighting effective design strategies.

In collaboration with Dini Spheris, our team designed a custom landing page and marketing materials for Glenwood Cemetery’s 150th Anniversary. The milestone provided the perfect occasion for us to tell their story with a custom timeline built by our skilled designers.

Our team also crafted a special logo for the anniversary, a custom brochure that doubled as a pocket folder, an online interactive PDF, donor envelopes, signage, and more!

All these elements allowed supporters to share materials with other prospective donors, expanding the campaign’s reach. 

To date, Glenwood Cemetery has raised $13.9 million of its $15 million goal.

 As their team prepares to unveil the brand-new Center for Glenwood this fall, we are proud to know our work has made an impact in the Houston community.


The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Ready & Forward

What began as veteran Captain Paul Matthew’s personal collection of all things Buffalo Soldiers grew into today’s iconic Buffalo Soldiers National Museum (BSNM).

When Sterling Nonprofit Consulting enlisted our services to help promote BSNM’s Ready & Forward capital campaign, we knew we had to design something special.

From the custom logo to the branded presentation folder, email templates and letterhead, our team delivered. 

We designed a sleek landing page for this campaign with strong calls to action and an interactive timeline to tell the story of the Buffalo Soldiers and the museum.   

To help donors visualize what the future space would look like, our expert designers crafted a detailed illustration.

Our team also created a hype video to be used at events and shared on social media to spread awareness for their campaign to prospective donors.

We are happy to support BSNM’s Ready & Forward campaign through our work and are honored that they trusted us with such a huge undertaking.


The Women’s Resource

Owning Our Destiny


Mockup of The Women's Resource Owning Our Destiny landing page and materials, exemplifying successful capital campaign design.


To launch the Owning Our Destiny capital campaign, we worked with The Women’s Resource to create a bold new logo and a modern landing page designed with donors in mind.

For this capital campaign, our team delivered various assets, from a straightforward, easy-to-navigate landing page with clear and concise calls to action, to a custom letterhead, branded pledge forms and even an FAQ sheet.

To date, The Women’s Resource has raised $891,000 of their $1.5 million goal!

That’s the power of good visuals.


Need help with your next capital campaign? 

Design and data visualization are major parts of any capital campaign. If you’re looking for some help, our team of experts can assist your nonprofit with any of your marketing needs – including capital campaigns.

We’ve got years of experience to back us up, and there’s nothing we love more than helping a good cause grow. Let us help you reach your goals!

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