Do I Need To Be on Every Social Media Platform?

It’s a common question asked of social media managers, and the answer might surprise you.

It might seem like the best strategy for brand awareness is to create an account on the most popular platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X [formerly Twitter], Threads, Pinterest, etc.), but tackling too much too soon could backfire. That’s why we recommend starting with just one or two platforms, especially if you have a small team (or you’re flying solo), and you have limited time and resources to devote to managing your social accounts.

We’ve whipped up a few helpful tidbits to help you decide which and how many platforms, are right for your organization.


Where is your audience?

For the love of social, just ask this question first! This is by far the most important factor you should consider when contemplating which platform is right for your organization.

Knowing who your target audience is can help point to where you might find them and where you should be focusing your social media marketing efforts. If you’re a photographer looking to captivate an audience with your gorgeous landscape photos, opt for Instagram (a visual-based platform) over X (a text-based platform).

If you’re trying to reach younger audiences, you might opt for TikTok or Instagram. Young professionals? LinkedIn might be your best fit. Once you’ve defined your target audiences, you can select the best platform to reach them.

View a quick breakdown of the most popular social media platforms and their demographics in this 2023 Sprout Social article.


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What can you manage?

Managing social accounts takes up a good chunk of time. You’ve got to develop engaging copy and quality content that will stop someone’s scroll. Then you need to schedule everything, engage with your audience on the platform, and keep up to date on current trends, along with analyzing your metrics.

A LOT goes into a “simple” post.

That’s why it’s important to first understand the work that goes into each platform, and their unique quirks, before making the decision to jump in. While X requires less investment with short text-based threads, TikTok shorts or Instagram Reels (which still reign supreme on the platform) might require a bit more time for editing video content.

Make sure you understand what the time commitments are for each of the platforms before making your decision. Also ask yourself if you have the budgeted time to design graphics, capture videos or shoot photography on a consistent basis.

Social media algorithms favor accounts that post consistently, so make sure you can commit the time and resources required with posting a few times a week (at the very least).

That’s why we recommend beginning with one or two platforms before jumping into three, four, or more!

Remember, you can always expand to more platforms later.

Try out one or two and see how things go. Focus on building your community around quality content and engage with your audience. If things are going well and you feel like your team has the resources and support to expand, then go for it!

Using more platforms will allow you to reach new audiences. Just keep in mind that your followers want to see genuine, quality content. Don’t make the mistake of creating content for the sake of posting.


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Need help?

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