Goodbye & Good Riddance, 2020. Let’s catch up, y’all!

No doubt 2020 has been quite a year. Despite the pandemic and all the social, political and economic unrest, we’ve had quite a successful year! We started off with a new website, a move to our new office, and the addition of our new junior team member, baby Matthew.   Take a look at what we’ve been working on since […]

Is Your Company Emotionally Ready for a Rebrand?

Much like the makeovers we see in romantic comedies, everything happens against the protagonist’s will and often leads them to realize they loved who they were before all the glam. Sure, it forces them to reevaluate how they really see themselves at their core and what is worth keeping of their self-esteem, but only after […]

Five Authentic Ways to Start Your Dream Side Hustle Right Now

Living in the midst of a pandemic has affected our physical & mental health, jobs, stability, and way of life. We’re encountering newfound boredom, social isolation, furloughs…you name it. But, right now is the perfect time to take advantage of this slow period and start your dream side hustle. If you’re itching to start something […]

Outsourcing Digital Marketing During a Pandemic

Our entire world is changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail stores, restaurants, stadiums, and movie theaters are nearly empty while people stay at home under social distancing policies, leading to a fundamental shift in how our marketing messages reach consumers. As a result of plummeting sales and economic uncertainty, many businesses have […]

The Perils of Building a Visual Identity on Canva

It’s becoming more and more common for entrepreneurs to create their own logos on Canva, a platform that makes it easier for non-designers to create digital assets for social media, websites, print, and more. While Canva proves to be effective when there is an immediate need for a logo or poster, building your entire brand […]

#AskGracie – Social Media in Business Segment

Let’s go over a series of questions covering the importance and relevance of social media in business. Is social media a necessary element all companies should incorporate? Should business leaders spend time and money on social media, and which social platforms are essential to ensuring a strong digital strategy? Is it necessary for companies to […]

WordPress VS. SquareSpace or Wix. What’s the difference and when to use each one?

Building a website for your company is a critical step in increasing brand awareness. Since it’s common for consumers to search your brand online, it’s important to consider which website building platform to use since each one yields different results. While SquareSpace and Wix are recommended for website building beginners, WordPress is usually a preferable […]