Why nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations?

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We got our start working with nonprofits, and while our company has expanded to include small businesses and tech startups, purpose-driven organizations have always held a special place in our heart.

Why nonprofits?

We believe in their longevity, stability, and contribution to the betterment of the human condition, be it in a small but immediate or a profound and systemic way. Supporting nonprofits gives our work meaning.

In many ways, the work we do at the agency fosters community and sparks important conversations.

We choose to partner and work alongside nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations because we believe in their missions, and if you believe in a mission, you want to see it through.

That’s what we strive to do here at Padrón & Co.


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What is mission-driven marketing and why is it so important?

Simply put, mission-driven marketing is when an organization uses its core purpose as the cornerstone for its marketing strategy. A good example is the TOMS brand.

Their marketing revolves around their simple but impactful mission of donating one pair of shoes per every pair bought. TOMS has built its brand around this powerful concept.

Audiences, especially younger consumers, are growing more attracted to brands that speak their mind about mainstream issues and who aren’t afraid to support a cause. As the famed Alexander Hamilton quote goes, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

The best part about marketing for purpose-driven organizations is that we’re doing good; we’re supporting something bigger than ourselves. People are drawn to nonprofits for this very reason.

Tell your story and you’ll find your community—a band of loyal followers who will support your mission and your brand.


Values-based marketing: what you need to know

While mission-based marketing seeks to rally support around a particular cause, the values-based approach looks to make a connection with audiences through shared values—thing eco-friendly, organic/whole foods, or even a vocal social justice stance.

People tend to support organizations whose values align with theirs, so by using this approach, brands can find their people and garner support for their causes.

This approach is great at building brand trust with your audience, who will be more likely to get the word out about your nonprofit!

Resonating with your audience has never been more important. When your values align, the stars do too.


Space Center Houston Bringing People and Space Closer Together

What does a purpose-driven company look like?

Think of a purpose-driven company as playing the long game. They’re not in it for the short haul. Nope. They’re going the distance.


Purpose-driven organizations use a shared purpose as a sort of North Star. When employees feel their day-to-day work contributes to a shared purpose, they’re more motivated.

When people look at a purpose-driven company, they see an organization that cares for something bigger.

Take Space Center Houston’s shared purpose, “to bring people and space closer together.” It was a product of a 2022 rebranding that Traina wrote but that our founder, Gracie, helped launch to the world.

Their new shared purpose is something everyone can be a part of, and it shows the nonprofit’s dedication to making space more accessible.

That’s some stellar marketing if you ask us!


We help causes grow.

Our agency has grown to support small businesses, tech startups, law firms, and more, but nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations will continue to drive us.

We are marketers on our own mission to support local (and some national) nonprofits and organizations that are actively making a difference in our community.

We believe that doing good is just as important as doing a good job.

This is why our agency has, and will continue, to work hand in hand with nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations in Houston and beyond.


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