The Benefits of Blogging: Why You Should Start a Brand Blog

If you’ve ever spent any time researching and writing blogs—or hired someone to do it for you—you know blogging can take a lot of time and energy. Perhaps you’ve considered starting a company blog because you’ve heard it can benefit your business. But before you commit, you may wonder if it’s worth the effort and […]

Logo Design Tips

You’ve heard about the “Great Resignation,” people reevaluating their lives during the pandemic and quitting their dead-end jobs in droves. As a result of this trend, many people are starting their own businesses and in need of logo design services. However, budgets for startups can be tight. You may feel the need to cut corners […]

Beyond Functional: Signs that Showcase Your Brand

When you enter a building, you rely on signs to direct you to your location. Signs serve many important functions including wayfinding, a system for guiding people through a physical space. Many companies treat signs as an afterthought, and it shows. But signage doesn’t have to be bland or boring when it has the potential […]

Benevolence Increases Social Media Engagement

In May 2021, Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) launched its #BeBenevolent campaign. The purpose of the campaign was two-fold: 1) encourage constituents to engage in daily prayer for those involved in medical missions and 2) raise funds to support the critical work of improving lives in developing countries. Design for the month-long campaign consisted of both […]

Is Your Company Emotionally Ready for a Rebrand?

Much like the makeovers we see in romantic comedies, everything happens against the protagonist’s will and often leads them to realize they loved who they were before all the glam. Sure, it forces them to reevaluate how they really see themselves at their core and what is worth keeping of their self-esteem, but only after […]

The Perils of Building a Visual Identity on Canva

It’s becoming more and more common for entrepreneurs to create their own logos on Canva, a platform that makes it easier for non-designers to create digital assets for social media, websites, print, and more. While Canva proves to be effective when there is an immediate need for a logo or poster, building your entire brand […]

WordPress VS. SquareSpace or Wix. What’s the difference and when to use each one?

Building a website for your company is a critical step in increasing brand awareness. Since it’s common for consumers to search your brand online, it’s important to consider which website building platform to use since each one yields different results. While SquareSpace and Wix are recommended for website building beginners, WordPress is usually a preferable […]