Beyond Functional: Signs that Showcase Your Brand

When you enter a building, you rely on signs to direct you to your location. Signs serve many important functions including wayfinding, a system for guiding people through a physical space. Many companies treat signs as an afterthought, and it shows. But signage doesn’t have to be bland or boring when it has the potential to be so much more than functional.

Signage can combine function, branding AND beautiful design. Whether your signs provide wayfinding, safety information, or enhance your brand identity, they are an important part of your marketing mix. Thoughtful, branded signage design should merit as much time and consideration as do your website or print brochures.

About The Client

Founded in 1956, Engineered Air Balance (EAB) is the oldest and largest testing and balancing firm in North America. In 2018 the company opened a new, state-of-the-art training facility in Spring, Texas, and we are proud to have designed many elements of their interior signage.

Project Goals

The client’s goals for the interior of the training center included:

  • Showcasing EAB’s history to establish their authority in the field
  • Assisting visitors with wayfinding
  • Recognizing their partners
  • Supporting the EAB brand with consistent and recognizable graphics

Timeline Wall

Goal: Showcasing EAB’s History

The timeline wall is the largest design element at the training facility, and it features a complete timeline of the company’s history. Located in the classroom, it spans three walls and is 106 feet in total length.

A section of timeline wall mockup

We referred to museum exhibit guidelines to determine the best viewing distance and calculate optimal font sizes for readability. We worked closely with the installer, Alexander Display & Packaging, to ensure a perfect installation.

Vinyl wall wraps of this type are installed in vertical panels, like wallpaper, with vertical seams every few feet. Although the seams are unobtrusive to the naked eye, it can be hard to line the panels up perfectly when working on a large wall.

Example of installers working left to right to install a graphic in vertical panels

Working with the installer, we decided to install the small, white text as a separate layer so there would be no chance of misalignment.

Mockup of design presented to client
Completed installation of the vinyl graphics
Completed installation of the vinyl graphics

Timeline Wall

Goal: Showcasing EAB’s History

EAB wanted to recognize the partners who helped make their new facility a reality with signage posted throughout the training center.

Large vinyl logos being installed on a 20’ x 28’ ft. wall
Left: Floating plexiglass wall sign. Right: Logos printed on vinyl applied to boards.

Hallway and Entry Sign

Goal: Reinforcing EAB Branding

The entryway sign features brushed and polished surfaces as well as backlighting.
The hallway walls display EAB’s core values and their graphical representations.

Frosted Glass Panels

Goal: Wayfinding

Frosted glass panels identify the classrooms without obscuring the view. Use of EAB’s brand font keeps the branding consistent.

Thoughtfully designed interior spaces tell your brand’s story. We are honored to have helped EAB share their story with current and future stakeholders.

How can we help you tell your story?

Client: Engineered Air Balance
Project Management: Next Level Thinking
Design: Padrón & Co.
Printing and Installation: Alexander Display & Packaging

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