Behind the Scenes of Our LUMINARE Short-Form Animation


By Katie Miller


Custom animation? We do that too.

As a full-service marketing agency, we get a lot of custom requests. There’s nothing we love more than bringing our clients’ visions to life. So, when one of our clients, LUMINARE, needed a specialized, short-form animation, we set out to deliver.


The Client

LUMINARE is a Houston-based, healthcare tech startup founded by a doctor who got tired of telling people that their loved ones had died from a completely preventable illness. Since 2017, they’ve been on a mission to make sepsis the #2 killer in hospitals (it’s currently #1) through faster detection and automated intervention. They administer a hospitals’ sepsis protocols and are revolutionizing detection via streamlined communications and reporting through a convenient dashboard or app. If that sounds convoluted to you, that’s exactly why they needed a quick explainer video specifically designed for busy c-suite executives to understand how easy and cost-effective it actually was to implement their systems.


The Task

When LUMINARE approached us to help with a custom video project, we knew it required the human touch. It was a job for our super talented, in-house graphic designer, Ian Anderson. The ask? An animated video that could provide an illustrated overview of how LUMINARE works to an executive-level audience. The goal? Simplify.

LUMINARE didn’t want a highly technical video. They trusted our process and expertise to deliver a professional and polished two-minute animation that provided a simplified explanation of a complex process.


Our Process

From start to finish, the process took three weeks. We worked closely with LUMINARE at each step to ensure they were happy with the results.

        1. First, we began with a basic outline.

        2. Next, Ian sketched out storyboards which were presented to the client.

        3. From there, he moved to flat illustrations.

        4. Then, it was time to animate!

        5. Once our team received the audio files (recorded by the client), Ian timed the animation with the recordings.


And voila! A beautifully branded, custom video was created. Want to see how it turned out? Give it a watch below!


The Takeaway

You get the best results when you involve the best people, who understand the creative process from beginning to end.

Our team was able to interpret our client’s concept, visualize the result, and use their technical skills to bridge the gap and complete this project on time and within budget.

LUMINARE trusted our team’s direction, process, and skilled designers to turn their request into reality.

It can be intimidating trying to tackle a video project, and most companies don’t keep animators and videographers on staff.

From videos and animations to print projects, web design and more, we’re here to help your nonprofit or small business by lightening your load.

You bring the vision; our expert designers will bring it to life.

So, what have you got in mind? We’re all ears.

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