Thank you for the opportunity to tell the Orange Show’s story in a new way.

Who We Are

Padrón & Co. was founded in 2017 as Padrón Design Studio by a couple very much in love with Houston and each other.

Our team now helps nonprofits and small businesses reach new heights and new audiences using:

Best. Team. Ever.

We don’t offer any services we couldn’t complete with our in-house staff, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness. Meet the talent. 

Clients, Past & Present

We are so very proud to be defined by the company we keep.

With over 30 active clients at any time, we found our niche in ongoing design and marketing support services for those most in need. 

AAMA (The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans)

Alley Theatre

Alliance for Aging

Arts District Houston

Asia Society of Texas

Avenue CDC

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Care for Elders

East End Improvement Corp.

Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish
Community Center

Exchange Club of Conroe

Families in Nature

First Christian School

First Service Credit Union

Fort Bend County Links

Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Houston

Glenwood Cemetery

Houston Contemporary Dance Company

HDMA (Houston Digital Marketing Association)

Houston Exponential

Houston Grand Opera

Houston Jewish Community Foundation

Houston Recovery Homes

iNDIEFLIX Foundation

Japan America Society DFW

LifeGift Organ Donation

Medical Benevolence Foundation

Opera in the Heights

Society for the Performing Arts

Space Center Houston


Station Houston

The Powell Foundation

The Quality of Place Conservancy

The Women’s Resource

Undies for Everyone

Workshop Houston

Baker Training Institute

Café Poetes

Codistas IT Services

Dini Spheris

Donna Mark Designs

EAC Consulting

Everest Foot and Ankle

Goose Creek Creamery

HMT Tank

Institute of Contemporary Dance in Houston

Kayva Rose Event Management

Kindred Cares

Link Crude Resources

Link Data Services

Milstead Glass

Mindful Refocus Coaching

New Canaan Farms

Reading Lounge Café

Revel Technology

Sesh Coworking

Shining Star Stichery

Southern Yankee Beer Co.

Southern Yankee Crafthouse

Sweat Heaven

TBS Fitness Events

The CFO Element

The Great Connections

Towerwood Farms


Vaughn Construction


William Harris Lee & Co. Fine Instruments

Wells Abbott Showrooms

Wells Textiles

Wells Warehouse

Wilkenfeld Speech Pathologists

Board Wizards

Core Simulations


EDM Facilities

Forestage XR

Generosity Culture

Houston VR



Koda Healthcare

Luminare Med

Major Decision

March Biosciences

Phase Scheduling App

P97 Networks

SAF-T Vest Solutions

Scoop Health

Simple Flood Control

TrackIt App

Treehouse App

TrueGrid Pavers

Unleashed Generosity


How We Can Help You

Brand Audit

We work with your team to make branding decisions that are executable and data-driven. 



What is a brand audit

A brand audit is a comprehensive examination of a business’s current brand position, helping organizations understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. During a kick-off meeting, the Padrón creative team meets with our point-of-contact to define the tone-of-voice, messaging, and brand attributes as well as a clear outline of how the brand should pivot visually. This will include a logo and brand color examination as well. Our brand audit will then provide a written and visual outline providing a detailed analysis of its current brand assets, messaging, and customer perception. This information will be crucial in helping the business make informed decisions about future branding initiatives.

Problems to Address

The Orange Show has a fantastic opportunity to elevate its brand and engage with its audience more effectively. 

The Orange Show is facing two major branding challenges that need to be addressed:

  1. Lack of a clear and compelling story that accurately reflects its identity and purpose.
  2. Undefined target audiences and, as a result, the storytelling and marketing efforts are not effectively resonating with the right people.

This plan will ensure that the Orange Show can effectively communicate its unique value proposition and connect with its target customers in a meaningful, visual way.

Browse Past Brand Audits

The Wells Companies:
Multi-Brand Consolidation

Learn how we helped consolidate five separate entities into a single cohesive brand. From a warehouse to a luxury showroom to historic fabric brands, we got them all to tell a visual story. 

Brand Audit and Rebrand

Once the Netflix of indie films, iNDIEFLIX needed to pivot to a brand that represented their growing community instead of their streaming. We brought their film festivals, streaming, education, and foundation all under the same umbrella. 

The Women's Resource:
Brand & Logo Pivot

TWR was approaching 30 years and needed to clean up their brand before they entered the next stage of their nonprofit. We kept a lot of the same colors and all the same shapes, but we adjusted the fonts and balance of the logo.

Visual Library of Assets

We will refresh your files and templates to meet the goal of accessibility and clear storytelling.


TIME TO LAUNCH: 2-4 weeks

What deliverables can you expect?

Based on the brand audit, Padron will create a visual identity refresh and a library of templates and patterns for The Orange Show. The established logo can remain unchanged, but Padron will create new templates that complement and support the brand image.

These new visual assets will be designed to appeal to the target audience identified during the discovery session and will be consistent with the overall objectives.

Additionally, the visual library will be in line with the pain points and obstacles identified during the discovery session, and it will reflect the brand’s new positioning. The visual assets and patterns library will be used across all marketing materials, including the website, social media, print and digital advertising, presentations, and more.

Templates will include: social media graphics (video + still) for shows and events built inside Canva or Adobe products for easy implementation, poster template for events, and signage templates for parades and murals. 

Padron will also provide instructions on the appropriate use and application of the templates and patterns to ensure consistency and coherence in the company’s visual communication across all platforms.

Browse Past Asset Libraries

Medical Benevolence Foundation

An international charity that builds hospital systems in Africa and Haiti. They had a logo but no assets to go along with it. We created everything from custom icons, patterns, social graphic templates, and more. Even in Canva!

Society for the Performing Arts Houston

Before they could afford to do a full rebrand, we helped them build out an entire library of assets specifically for their seasons from 2019 to 2021, including Google ads, brochures, rack cards, banners, signage, and icons. Learn how we produced their digital ads.

The Powell Foundation

A local, private family foundation that funds educational and arts programs had recently grown in wealth. After decades, they finally decided they needed a logo and brand assets. They got the works, including a new website. 

Website Design & Development

We create websites that are easy to navigate, update, and understand.


TIME TO LAUNCH: 2-3 months, dependent on client

Current Website Limitations

The Orange Show’s website currently falls short in effectively communicating who they are and what they offer. Visitors are not provided with a clear and concise understanding of the organization’s purpose, exhibitions, and art projects. Additionally, despite being a museum, the Orange Show specializes in experiential art, and this unique aspect of their offering is not highlighted prominently on the website. This can lead to confusion and a lack of understanding among visitors and potential donors. 

To address these issues, the Orange Show’s website needs to be redesigned to clearly and effectively communicate the organization’s identity, exhibits, and specialization in experiential art. This will ensure that visitors have a clear understanding of what the Orange Show has to offer and can make informed decisions about visiting the museum and highlight a clear path to becoming lifelong supporters.

How We're Going to Fix It

Our approach will be to thoroughly analyze the existing website, understand the organization’s unique identity, and develop a clear and concise messaging strategy that effectively communicates the Orange Show’s purpose, exhibitions, and specialization in experiential art. 

We will be using a single development platform, WordPress, to redesign the website in a way that highlights these key aspects and creates a clear understanding among visitors and potential donors. The new website will provide a clear path for visitors to become lifelong supporters of the Orange Show and will effectively communicate the organization’s value proposition, allowing visitors to make informed decisions about visiting the museum and supporting its mission. Our goal is to ensure that the Orange Show’s website accurately reflects its identity and offerings, and provides a clear and compelling message to its audience.

Browse Past Website Work

Undies for Everyone Website Redesign

They had a WordPress site that they spent a bundle to build with an agency in New York but they were charging them an arm and a leg to update and maintain. Instead, we rebuilt the pages in our no-code system so they can update it themselves.

Space Center Houston Website Rebuild

Over 400 pages condensed to 200, over 700 blogs, and 300 press releases had to be moved to the new site in two months to coincide with their anniversary and rebrand launch. Full custom WordPress build with easy drag and drop. Just explore it for yourself

Dini Spheris

Experienced fundraising consultants needed a modern site that explained what they did, who they served, and highlighted all their best work. We also expanded their previous brand style guide and provided a full library of assets. 

Timeline to Completion

Though we will always do our best to follow the client’s timeline or pace, here is an estimate should you want to do all items back-to-back starting Q1. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If the client requests work that falls outside the scope of services outlined in their contract, the client will be notified and charged an hourly fee as specified in their agreement. This fee will be used to cover the additional time and resources required to complete the requested work. It is important to note that all out of scope requests must be approved by both the client and the company prior to any additional work being performed. This is to ensure that we have the necessary human resources available to complete the project to the highest standard.

The approach to completing the list of items can be discussed and tailored to fit your preferences and budget. You have the option to prioritize certain items and complete them first, or to spread out the work over time and complete each item as resources become available. Our team will work closely with you to determine the most effective and efficient approach that meets your needs and expectations.

The frequency of meetings to maintain progress on the items can be tailored to fit your needs and preferences. We typically recommend having regular check-ins, such as weekly or bi-weekly, to review progress and make any necessary adjustments. However, more or less frequent meetings can be arranged depending on your schedule and the nature of the work. Our goal is to ensure that you feels fully informed and involved in the process, and that momentum is kept moving forward towards achieving the desired results.

Though Gracie is your main point of contact for most items, especially as they relate to strategy and implementation, you will frequently hear from other members of the team. Daryl will be in contact with you about anything content-related. Laura will reach out if something is out of scope or to give you status updates whenever you need them. Caitlin will be working closely with you to clean up the existing style guide and present new visuals. 

No, you will not be trapped in a contract for an extended period of time. The contract will specify the agreed upon projects and the related timeline for completion. Upon completion of these projects, you will have the option to engage our services on an hourly basis for out-of-scope work at the contracted rate for a period of one year. This provides you with the flexibility to request additional support as needed while enjoying the benefit of a discounted rate. It is important to note that all out-of-scope work must be approved by both the client and the company prior to any additional work being performed.

Pretty standard stuff. Your confidentiality is super important to us. The work we do is original and done internally. You can discontinue services at any time. Anything not in the scope is charged hourly but only with your approval. The usual. 

You can read the entire thing cover to cover once the items in your estimate are selected and approved. The contract will automatically generate. We will not begin work until the contract has been digitally signed. 

Most items will require a 50% deposit, 50% upon completion. Larger items like the website can be broken up into equal payments over time. Items can also be held off until they can be added to the next year’s budget. You’re in control. 

We are frequently asked to manage social media calendar, content, and ads for our nonprofit clients. It requires a surprising amount of time that in-house employees seldom have. These are usually monthly retainers that vary depending on how many times a week you’d like to post across how many platforms.

We can also manage Google ads, SEO upkeep and optimization, signage and graphic design services, email marketing, list procurement services, capital campaign materials, etc…

Got the team onboard? Let's do this!

The estimate below will repeat all the options and rates outlined in this proposal. Check off the ones you’d like us to get started on. You can schedule a kick-off meeting after the contract is signed using the form below. Reach out if you have any questions!